Paris in winter

I’ve wanted to visit Paris ever since I read my first copy of Vogue and discovered the words of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Paris is the center of the fashion world, with a plethora of literary and art history. It is a place that both excites me and intimidates me. And I’m finally going to visit — this winter! December seems so far away right now, but I know that I need to start planning immediately. The most important question is, of course, what to wear! How can I possibly look chic when it’s freezing outside? Thankfully I have a good friend living in Paris who can give me advice. And I’m taking inspiration from street style blogs, like The Sartorialist. I will have to pack light, because I’ve heard I’ll be visiting during the winter sales. So exciting! It’s a good thing I’ve already purchased several new springy dresses, because I’m putting myself on immediate shopping probation. I need to save up for Parisian treasures.

Paris street style, as seen on The Sartorialist
Model in Paris, as seen on The Sartorialist

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