Jason Wu for Target review part 2

Jason Wu for Target
Jason Wu for Target dresses

All of my shipments have arrived! Sadly, I did have one item canceled by Target, the white long sleeve blouse. I thought it would look really cute with the black pleated skirt that I bought in the store, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. The blouse was an online exclusive item, so there’s likely no chance of finding one now. But I can’t complain because I managed to score the navy poplin dress in a size 4, and it fits perfectly! I loved this dress in the lookbook and was so disappointed when it was sold out online and not available in my local stores. Fortunately, I was able to purchase it Monday night when Target restocked them online. This dress is by far my favorite piece in the Jason Wu collection. I love the full skirt and the detailing on the bodice–and it has pockets!

My second favorite garment is the cream colored cycle print dress with pearls. It is so pretty and feminine. I love the colors and the flutter sleeves. This is another item that I was able to buy when Target restocked it online. I also really like the navy floral dress. The style is flattering on girls with curves…but it definitely needs a belt!

Some of my online purchases were not as successful. I bought the red jersey dress and have already returned it. The fabric was completely see-through and felt very fragile. I think it would have fallen apart the first time I washed it —  or even wore it! Plus it just looked like a long, shapeless t-shirt. I also returned the straw saddle bag. It felt kind of flimsy and I thought the faux black leather looked cheap. I am debating whether to return the navy shirt dress. It looked so chic on Alexa Chung in Vogue. Maybe I just need Vogue’s team of stylists to help me pull it off. Probably not going to happen…

Overall, this was a much more relaxing experience compared to Missoni. I think Target has made a lot of improvements. I’m looking forward to more designer collections in the future — here’s hoping for Alexander Wang or Prabal Gurung!

NY Fashion Week begins

Here in my neck of the woods, designer fashions are pretty scarce. A few boutiques in Milwaukee do carry the real goods, but for the most part I have to travel to find what I want or shop online. I also subscribe to most of the major fashion magazines and check out runway shows. I’m so glad that websites like Style.com show pictures of every look, so even those of us far from NYC can scout upcoming trends.

New York fashion week is under way, with designers presenting their fall ready-to-wear collections. Editors and buyers will travel around the world in the coming weeks, with shows taking place in London, Milan and Paris. I know I likely won’t be buying any of these clothes soon, but I still like to look for ideas. And the first few days are always interesting, as that’s when many of the up-and-coming designers show their stuff. I’d recommend checking out Creatures of the Wind, a brand that started in the Windy City — sweet home Chicago. See, good fashion really can come from the Midwest!

Jason Wu for Target review part 1

This is my Jason Wu for Target review part one, because at this point I can only review the items I purchased in the stores. I will discuss my online experience when my shipments arrive in a few days. Overall, I was a little disappointed with the selection offered around Milwaukee. I visited four stores and none of them had the blue poplin dress, flared black dress or the trench coats (um, hello, it’s always cold here). But I did manage to score all the adorable Milu the cat items and a couple of the straw purses. My fashionista kitty Leinie gave these her stamp of approval. I wore the Milu t-shirt to work today under my Zac Posen for Target tuxedo jacket, and it looked great.

As I tried on the clothes, I noticed that they ran really large. I actually had to get the XS in the blush shift dress. I’m not sure if I’m keeping this one. I want to love it, but the material is see-through and the color is so-so against my skin. I only think it looks cute when I pair it with black tights. I also purchased the pleated black skirt, which is sophisticated and versatile, and the dot print shirt dress in cream. This dress looks much better belted, but it is also a tad bit sheer. At another store, I picked up the bow blouse in navy. This was not a piece that I had admired in the look book, but Dirk talked me into it. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best surprises in the collection and it looks great with jeans.

Once my online purchases arrive, I will decide what to return to stores. I don’t believe in reselling things on eBay for profit. I just like to buy the pieces I’m interested in and take my time trying them on at home. Thankfully Target has a very easy return policy!

Super weekend

I’m not really that excited about the Super Bowl this year, although I AM thrilled the Packers aren’t playing in it. Haha. But it’s still going to be a very busy Sunday. I have to wake up super early (thinking maybe 5:30) to check out Target.com and attempt to purchase my Jason Wu favorites. Then I’m going to head to the local Target stores when they open…No way I’m going to make the same mistake I made with the Missoni collection. When the Target website crashed and all the orders were lost, I was left scrambling to try to find the items I had purchased online in stores weeks later. I can always return duplicate items if necessary. Plus I always prefer to view the clothes in person and try them on. One thing I am very frustrated with — Target is not releasing the entire collection in their lookbook. I think there will be a few surprise items that might throw off my whole plan. Thankfully my husband Dirk will be helping me shop. No way I could handle this madness alone.

Aside from the Wu craziness, there is also the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet to look forward to (with the super adorable kitty halftime show). Plus we can start drinking Dirk’s first home-brewed beers this weekend. We tasted the first bottle last night, and it’s really good!

Wu for Target

Less than eight days to wait now for the Jason Wu collection at Target. I’ll definitely be waiting at the door for my local store(s) to open at 8 am on February 5. Hopefully everyone will be distracted by the Super Bowl and stocking up on chips and taco dip, leaving the good stuff for me.

I actually met Jason Wu once at a kitchen design show in Chicago. He was well-mannered and impeccably dressed. I think this collection is a perfect reflection of his personality and style. And of course I love the whimsical kitty theme that is woven throughout the collection.

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