Hunter Boots for Petites Review

If you’re short or petite like me, you know that it can be hard to judge how boots will fit
and look on you when shopping online. The models always seem to be 5’10 with long
legs. I’m only 5’3″, so I took photos of my tall original and short original Hunter Boots side-by-side
to help you make the best choice.

I bought my original tall Hunter Boots last fall. They were on sale at, of all
places, and the deal was too great to pass up. I debated what color to buy and settled
on navy because I wanted a classic look that wouldn’t go out of style. Plus, I think navy
goes with pretty much everything. The tall boots fit me well and look great when I’m
standing up or walking around.

I think they make my legs look longer. But they do dig into the backs of my calves/knees
when I sit down (they are about 14 inches high). Plus, they are kind of difficult for me to
get on and off. Overall, I am still very happy with my purchase. The boots are very high
quality and I plan to keep them for years. I also invested in the Hunter rubber boot care
kit, and I bought the cute cable knit boot socks for fall and winter wear.

We’re currently in peak sale season, and I noticed that was having a
sale on some of their boots, up to 50% off. I’ve been feeling the itch to get another pair
in a more fun spring/summer color; and I was curious about the original short style. I
actually went into Nordstrom Rack and tried on a pair of short Nebula boots in black.
I liked the way they fit me. They are much easier to pull on and off and they hit me
about mid-calf (they are about 9 inches tall). But I didn’t want black, so I left them behind.

I ordered the original short gloss spearmint boots from the Hunter sale because the deal
was so incredible. The spearmint color in person is a very pretty pale mint green. However,
I have noticed that the color frequently photographs baby blue. I plan to wear them with
dark jeans, as well as with white, pink and purple.

I could also easily fit into the Big Kids boots. For reference, I wear a US size 6 women’s
shoe, which means I would fit into a size 4 in the Big Kids boots. This is definitely something
to consider if you’re looking for a deal and find a color that you like.

Hopefully this helps you if you’re debating which boots are a better fit for you! I’m happy
with both pairs, but I think I’ll probably wear the short boots more often for running errands
on rainy days.

Shopping at Intermix: April 2021

Intermix is one of my favorite stores to visit whenever I’m in Chicago. Unfortunately, due to Covid, I haven’t visited Chicago since February 2020. That needs to change soon! But Intermix is also a great store to shop online. I checked out their site recently and added two amazing new items to my closet.

J Brand Sateen Joggers

These are my new favorite work-from-home pants. They’re so comfortable, feel luxurious, and look amazing. I thought I was completely sick of loungewear but then I found these pants. I know they will get lots of use, since I’m going to be fully working at home until at least September. The olive green color is a perfect neutral. For once, they’re actually the right length on me (most pants are way too long, because I’m only 5’3″). And now the best news–they’re on sale!

For reference, I bought a size 29; I’m normally a 28 but that size was sold out. They do fit a little bit loose in the waist but I’m not mad about it. We could all use a little extra breathing room these days!

Staud Colorblock Sweater Dress

If you love bold colors, which I do, you will love this sweater dress. This is my first item of Staud clothing; I recently purchased a blush pink Staud moon bag from Net-a-Porter. I haven’t actually tried to make this work as a dress yet because it’s very long on me, even with heels. I’m primarily planning to wear it as a cardigan or a duster. I will also try wearing it open and unbuttoned or with a vintage belt. I’m the type of person who is always cold, and I adore a good layering piece. It can be surprisingly chilly in Wisconsin, even in June or July! I purchased the medium size because it’s a very clingy, body-conscious style.

What are you shopping for this month?

Ebony Fashion Fair

Lacroix, dahling

Alexander McQueen for Givenchy

Ebony4 Ebony1

I just had to share some of my favorite fashions from the 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The show runs until May 3, so if you love fashion, make sure you check it out!

Pregnant Pause

Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals

Baby's first handbag
Baby’s first handbag

I apologize for being inactive for so long, but obviously I’ve had more than a few things on my mind. Plus I haven’t really been shopping. Early on, I decided there was no need to buy tons of maternity clothes that I would only get to wear for a few months. I did make a few strategic purchases at Gap Maternity and Topshop that have proved quite valuable. Here are my top tips for dressing great throughout your pregnancy.

1. There’s no need to say goodbye to skinny jeans! In fact, I’d recommend rocking them more than ever — wearing at least one fitted garment helps keep me from feeling huge. I bought a really cute pair at Topshop in Chicago. You can also wear your pre-pregnancy pants and skirts with the help of a BeBand — it slips over your unbuttoned jeans and holds them up. Just wear a longer top to cover it up.

2. Like I said, long tops are your best friend. Your growing belly makes everything shorter, so you’ll definitely want a few extra inches of fabric for insurance. I’ve been loving oversized silky tops, which I normally would have worn belted over leggings. Now they are just the right size. I bought a few summery maternity tops, but mostly I’ve been able to just creatively re-purpose the items in my closet.

3. Get a professional bra fitting when things start to get uncomfortable. I went to Nordstrom in the second trimester and I’m so glad I did. The women there know their stuff and really helped me out. I was quite surprised how much my size had changed, and Nordstrom carries some of my favorite European brands. I really appreciated the time and attention to ensure I was satisfied with my choices. But don’t buy a ton because your size will likely change again. Soon I’ll need to go shopping for nursing bras.

4. Most maxi dresses are great and oh so comfortable. No need to worry about them being too short (well, on me anyway – at 5’3″ I usually have some extra length to play with.) You do have to watch where the waistband hits. Elastic in the middle across your belly is not a good look. I recently bought this Peter Som dress at Kohl’s, which looks amazing, and I love that I can wear it after I have the baby, too. I’ve also been making good use of my empire waist dresses. I wore a lovely Suzi Chin Maggie Boutique dress (not maternity) for my baby shower, which I bought years ago for a coworker’s wedding.

5. Layer it on. I love wearing cute jackets and cardigans because they frame my body. They still fit me; I just wear them unbuttoned. Plus with the weird Milwaukee weather, you never know if it’s going to be 80 degrees (at my suburban house) or 60 (on the lakefront).

6. Embrace comfortable footwear. Normally I’m the queen of heels, but this summer I’m embracing casual chic. Even Vogue says we should wear sneakers and Birkenstocks right now. Perfect timing! I have been frequently donning my Birks, Pumas and Stan Smiths. Now I’m just praying my feet don’t grow so I can wear my heels again soon!



Fashion on Ice

Fashionable skaters
Fashionable skaters

Timothy skates during the show
Timothy skates during the show

Opening looks
Opening looks

Closing looks
Closing looks

Last Wednesday night I ran out of my doctor’s appointment, threw on a dress and hurried downtown to the Pfister Hotel. I couldn’t miss another one of Timothy Westbrook‘s creative fashion presentations. I still remember the first time I saw his work at the Pfister. It was a small outdoor show with a couple dozen curious onlookers during his time as the hotel’s artist in residence. Now, after appearing on Project Runway and gaining publicity, he easily fills a ballroom with Milwaukee’s most fashionable crowd.

Even if you aren’t into clothes, you would have enjoyed this terrific spectacle. Here’s how Timothy explained the event, called Legacy: “Experience a visual journey that questions how one simultaneously blazes a trail while following the footsteps who inspire us to move forward.”

I learned that before he started sewing, he was an ice skater. And he skated for the audience live, in a choreographed routine along with local students. You’re not going to see that every day! Of course, there is a history of connections between skating and fashion — Vera Wang immediately comes to mind. Timothy literally tied his two interests together in some of the more whimsical looks, with clothing accented by skate blades and boots. Some of my favorites pieces were the painted dresses that appeared to be inspired by abstract art.

Legacy makes you think about the kind of impact that you want to leave behind. Timothy’s career is just beginning, but he’s already making a strong impact on Milwaukee and beyond.



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