Louis Vuitton Bags Under $2000

Speedy 25

In case you haven’t heard the news, Louis Vuitton just increased prices again on Feb. 16, 2022. The prices of many handbags and SLGs skyrocketed, including the Neverfull, mini pochette, Couissin and Capucines. LVMH cites increased manufacturing costs and global inflation. But whatever the reason, it’s getting harder and harder to find a LV bag that won’t break your budget.

I used to try to keep my purse purchases below the $1,000 threshold, but these days, it’s very difficult to find a high-end designer bag at that price. So I’m raising my budget to $2,000, which is still (sad to say) quite limiting in some cases. I ordered a Neonoe before the increase to stay under that amount (the bag now costs $2,030).

Here are the best Louis Vuitton bags you can buy under $2,000 (at least until the next increase…)

Speedy 25: $1,490 (($1,820 with Bandouliere strap)

Speedy 30: $1,550 ($1,890 with Bandouliere strap)

Speedy 35: $1,620 ($1,960 with Bandouliere strap)

Nano Speedy: $1,350 in monogram canvas, $1,760 in jacquard denim

Nano Noe: $1,350

Petite Noe: $1,690

Noe BB: $1,620

Noe: $1,960

Noe purse: $1,600

Petit sac plat: $1,520 in monogram canvas, $1,690 to $1,900 in Epi leather, $1,690 to $1,820 in Empreinete leather

Double zip pochette: $1,350 in Damier Azur canvas, $1,420 in monogram reverse canvas, $1,420 to $1,690 in monogram Empreinte leather

Padlock on strap: $1,790

Neverfull PM: $1,960

Alma BB in Epi leather

Alma BB: $1,760 in canvas, $1,960 in Epi leather

Graceful PM: $1,760 in canvas

Graceful MM: $1,890 in canvas

Croisette: $1,960

Croisette chain wallet: $1,570

Felicie Pochette in Empreinte leather

Felicie Pochette: $1,490 in canvas, $1,620 to $1,760 in monogram Empreinte leather

Mini Pochette Accessories: $745 in canvas, $810 in monogram vernis, $875-$880 in monogram Empreinte leather

Easy Pouch on Strap: $1,590 to $1,760 in Epi leather, $1,620 to $1,830 in Empreinte leather

MyLockMe Chain Pochette: $1,930

MyLockMe Pochette: $1,530

Pochette Accessories: $1,290

Which LV handbag would you choose? Are these prices making you look at other designer bags? Or are you going to look to resellers for a pre-loved purse? Leave a comment below.

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