Jason Wu for Target review part 1

This is my Jason Wu for Target review part one, because at this point I can only review the items I purchased in the stores. I will discuss my online experience when my shipments arrive in a few days. Overall, I was a little disappointed with the selection offered around Milwaukee. I visited four stores and none of them had the blue poplin dress, flared black dress or the trench coats (um, hello, it’s always cold here). But I did manage to score all the adorable Milu the cat items and a couple of the straw purses. My fashionista kitty Leinie gave these her stamp of approval. I wore the Milu t-shirt to work today under my Zac Posen for Target tuxedo jacket, and it looked great.

As I tried on the clothes, I noticed that they ran really large. I actually had to get the XS in the blush shift dress. I’m not sure if I’m keeping this one. I want to love it, but the material is see-through and the color is so-so against my skin. I only think it looks cute when I pair it with black tights. I also purchased the pleated black skirt, which is sophisticated and versatile, and the dot print shirt dress in cream. This dress looks much better belted, but it is also a tad bit sheer. At another store, I picked up the bow blouse in navy. This was not a piece that I had admired in the look book, but Dirk talked me into it. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best surprises in the collection and it looks great with jeans.

Once my online purchases arrive, I will decide what to return to stores. I don’t believe in reselling things on eBay for profit. I just like to buy the pieces I’m interested in and take my time trying them on at home. Thankfully Target has a very easy return policy!

Published by Lori Vanover

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3 thoughts on “Jason Wu for Target review part 1

  1. I have that Zac Posen Jacket…thanks for the fashion advice. I’m gonna try it on with that! I also saw someone wearing it with a vest & that looked really good also!

  2. Love how your kitty is checking out your haul! Things really did run large, didn’t they?! Some of the XS things were still way too big on me. Oh well, so happy with my Milu tee and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cat scarf! Congrats on your purchases. 🙂

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