Bling Ring

Alexander McQueen ring
Alexander McQueen ring

No this is not a post about the movie. I want to tell you about my recent jewelry purchase. First though, some background information. For weeks (more like months), I was obsessed with the YSL Arty Ring. I read on the Purse Blog forum that it was being discontinued, and of course I decided I had to get one before it was too late! I found plenty of them for sale online, but before taking the plunge I figured maybe I should actually check one out in person. My friend Sara told me the Arty ring is huge and would dominate my hand…not ideal. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any store in Chicago that carries them. I guess I should have tried to get one in Paris. After growing frustrated, I decided to pass. Instead I snagged this great deal from the Outnet — an Alexander McQueen Swarovski crystal-embellished skull ring. The turquoise color is gorgeous, and it is definitely a conversation piece. But the best part is that it cost much less (and is more my style) than the Arty ring.




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