Wishing for Spring

Spring in Milwaukee is pretty much nonexistent. You would think I’d be used to it by now, but this year feels just depressing. I think it’s because last year was unseasonably warm. This year, all we seem to get are dark days, tons of cold rain, sleet and snow. Yech.

So what in the world am I supposed to wear when the calendar says April, flowers, pretty pastels, but the weather is freezing and dreary? Pretty much the same stuff I’ve been wearing since um, October…winter coats, scarves, sweaters and boots. I’m ready to revolt.

But this cold weather does have one slight upside. I can wear my new furry Coach “Bea” heels out to dinner tonight, which I thought would have to stay in my closet until fall. I bought them a couple of weeks ago during the Goodwill sale at Boston Store. If you donate clothes for charity, you get coupons for an extra 15 to 20% off anything. Most coupons never work on Coach, so I was really excited to spot these in the clearance room. Regular price, $278. My final price, $60. If you are interested in this style and happen to wear a size 6 like me, they are still available at Nordstrom.

Coach Bea Pump
Coach Bea Pump

High heels

I read a recent post on the Kitties and Couture blog called High Heeled and Proud. The author describes being chastised by another shopper at the grocery store for her choice to wear high heels. This really struck a chord with me, as I love wearing my designer high heels. They make me feel sexy, powerful and pulled together. In fact, I chose to wear my red snakeskin Jimmy Choos to work today because we had an important meeting with corporate executives, and I wanted to feel confident and look great. I fully believe wearing a classic pair of black leather Ralph Lauren slingbacks helped me ace the interview and land my first job.

My kitty Leinie loves high heels, too. I wanted to share a few photos of her getting her Choo-loving on tonight.

Leinie loves her heels

Looking for a belly rub

They are mine!