Kitchen remodel

We negotiated a great deal on our house, but it was in desperate need of remodeling. Most of the house was decorated with wall-to-wall mauve carpeting and pink paint or ugly wallpaper. And the master bedroom actually had rainbow-colored shag carpeting! Obviously, this all had to go. As new homeowners, our remodeling budget was pretty limited. We needed to prioritize, which meant new beige carpeting and freshly painted walls — but I had to live with the kitchen for a little while.

Fortunately the ancient gas stove broke down while it was still covered by the home warranty, so we were able to replace it for nearly free. The stove’s equally hideous and outdated twin sister, the refrigerator, is still alive and kicking (maybe I should try kicking it). In the near future, we want to replace the countertops and add a glass tile backsplash. But for now, baby steps. Just last week, we had a new tile floor installed by Flooring Brokers Inc. Wow, what a difference! It really makes the room feel brighter and larger. The old tile, which may have been original, circa 1978, had an ugly faux wood-grain look. I’m so glad that it’s gone!

Kitchen, Before
Kitchen, After

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