My husband and I spent the weekend at C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, which took place for the third year at McCormick Place. While it’s no Comic Con, C2E2 still attracts a large crowd and even a few famous faces. Celebrity sightings included Shia LaBeouf, Val Kilmer, John Barrowman, Sean Astin  and Anne Rice. But the real entertainment in my opinion is always seeing what people wear. Seriously, C2E2 is a fashion event and the attendees get very creative. Many of the costumes appear to be handmade and are very well done. The show offers an opportunity for people to show off whatever they are into — from superheroes to Disney princesses, and even Lady Gaga. We dressed up as Chuck and Sarah from the recently departed NBC show Chuck, which was really fun and pretty easy to pull together. I’ve included a few photos of some other creative costumes for you to enjoy.

Dressed up at Sarah and Chuck at C2E2

The Tardis, from Dr. Who

The Rocketeer
Captain America

Characters from the tv show Archer

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