Red jeans

I went to Target today to see if the Webster merchandise was on sale yet. The day the collection came out, I picked up the deco print sheath dress and the navy eyelit skirt. The remaining clothes (still a large selection) have already been moved back near another clearance rack, so they will probably be reduced next week.

So I struck out there, but the trip wasn’t a total waste of time. I spotted a rack filled with brightly colored Mossimo jeans. I’ve been coveting a pair of red jeans, and the price was certainly appealing – $24.99. The style said “cropped,” which worried me. But I’m pretty short and they looked pretty long, so I tried them on. Turns out, they are the perfect length for me and they fit great. The material is super soft and they are extremely comfortable. I can’t wait to try out some fun ways to style them. If you’re petite like me, I’d recommend grabbing a pair or two before they sell out.

My new red jeans from Target

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