Louis Vuitton snowglobe
Close up of the LV snowglobe

OK this is not quite a Citizen Kane moment. But I am pretty excited. Tonight I enjoyed dinner at Hinterland with my husband, and afterward we were walking around in the Third Ward. This Milwaukee neighborhood has a lot of great restaurants, bars and boutiques. On a whim, I decided to go into Retique, the “upscale” Goodwill store that sells the best donated stuff. In a glass case, I spotted some designer shoes (all too big). But on the top shelf, I saw a little “Louis Vuitton” snowglobe, priced at $9.99. I love all things LV, so I bought it to display on my desk at work (next to my autographed Jason Wu sketch).

When I came home, I googled to try to find out some information. I honestly figured it was just a cheap trinket. But it looks just like this one for sale on Fashionphile for $595. I hope it is real. From what I can tell, snowglobes are given to VIP Louis Vuitton customers as special gifts. What a find!

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Writer, digital editor and content manager

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