Shoe stories – Manolos

My Manolos featured on Sex and the City

Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately, but my free time has been sucked up by car shopping. Not as much fun as shopping for clothes, but I am looking forward to having a nicer ride to take to the mall.

I’d like to share the story behind the first designer shoes I ever acquired–still my only pair of Manolo Blahniks.

I had just graduated from college and was living in suburban Chicago at the time. I was shopping with my mom at Neiman Marcus when I spotted them. Pink mules with white laces and sneaker treads, size 5 1/2. Really freaking cute. They were used as in a display and had no price tag.

On a whim, I asked how much they were but no one seemed to know. After several inquiries, it was determined they were the only pair left in that style and Neimans offered them to me at a great price — about $200 as I recall. My mom said it was OK, and I took them home. I was so excited but also felt a little buyers remorse. I had never even come close to spending $200 on a pair of shoes before (haha — this is REALLY funny now).

Then one day when I was watching Sex and the City, I noticed Carrie’s shoes in the jury duty episode. OMG those are the same Manolos that I have! It still gives me a thrill today.

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