Fall 2011

Celine tuxedo pants, Fall 2011
Jason Wu lace blouse, Fall 2011

So, I’m a year behind. So what? I saved more than $2,200 at Nordstrom Rack yesterday in Northbrook, Illinois. My receipt even said, “You are a shopping genius.”

I spotted a clearance sign as we walked into the store. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t head straight for the shoes. Rather, I zeroed in on several racks that were labeled “Designer Clearance.” I couldn’t believe the treasures hanging there. I found everything from Gucci to Pucci, and even some Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Thakoon, Missoni and Oscar de la Renta. Before I knew it, my cart was overflowing.

I narrowed down my choices to about 10 really great items, so I could at least manage to carry them into the dressing room. When all was said and done, I paired together a gorgeous ensemble — a Jason Wu red lace blouse and slim cut Celine tuxedo pants. This is my first “real” Jason Wu purchase (Target doesn’t really count) and also my first Celine garment. I must say, Phoebe Philo knows how to cut pants well! They make me look very tall and slim.

These are both gorgeous, classic pieces that will live in my closet for years to come.


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Writer, digital editor and content manager

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