Fashion Fireworks

I resisted and resisted the urge to shop the sales this season, but then I found a few gems that were too good to resist.

Last week, online retailer MyHabit featured a sale with clothing and accessories by American designers. I don’t often check sales during the day, but fortunately my husband was paying attention. Jason Wu handbags were included, at a fraction of their retail price. He snagged an orange and blue mini Daphne bag for less than half the current sale price at Neiman Marcus. Of course I love that it’s orange and blue: Illini and Chicago Bears colors. And it’s a stylish way to jump on the current mini-bag trend without spending a fortune.

Jason Wu mini Daphne bag

I was tempted to grab the larger size Daphne bag too, because it was also an amazing deal! But I resisted because I recently added a patent leather Cambridge Satchel to my collection, which was half price through Gilt Groupe.

Sometimes I actually shop in stores, too. On a recent trip to Neiman Marcus Last Call, my husband found a pair of red Alexander McQueen ponyskin punk skull peep toe pumps hiding behind the jewelry counter. Last pair, in my size, extra 40 percent off. They’re simply too amazing for words. I’ve never seen McQueen heels sold at a price that low. What a find! Too bad I’m not going to make it to New York to see the punk exhibit at the Met.

Alexander McQueen Red Pony Punk Skull Peep-Toe heels
Alexander McQueen Red Pony Punk Skull Peep-Toe heels
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Fashions Night Out

Fashion’s Night Out in Milwaukee
Lori and Leah
Color blocking
Sheer elegance
A glamorous gown
Big bad wolf
Timothy’s models

The first official Fashion’s Night Out event in Milwaukee was a success. More than 1,500 attendees enjoyed an evening dedicated to style. I dressed up in my new Jason Wu blouse, Celine pants and Lanvin heels. My husband and I attended a great fashion show at the Pfister Hotel featuring Timothy Westbrook‘s beautiful and innovative designs, created with repurposed materials such as plastic bags, umbrellas and cassette tapes. I wonder if I can get him to make me a custom dress…

Then I headed down to the trendy Third Ward neighborhood to meet up with friends, stopped by my favorite boutique, Lela, and checked out the Boston Store pop up shop. The department store did a wonderful job on this space, with a minimalist, modern look that highlighted a well-edited selection of their trendiest items and hottest brands.

It was a fabulous night, but I am very jealous of a good friend who lives in Paris — she spent FNO drinking bubbly at Chanel, and even spotted Karl Lagerfeld. Wow.


Fall 2011

Celine tuxedo pants, Fall 2011
Jason Wu lace blouse, Fall 2011

So, I’m a year behind. So what? I saved more than $2,200 at Nordstrom Rack yesterday in Northbrook, Illinois. My receipt even said, “You are a shopping genius.”

I spotted a clearance sign as we walked into the store. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t head straight for the shoes. Rather, I zeroed in on several racks that were labeled “Designer Clearance.” I couldn’t believe the treasures hanging there. I found everything from Gucci to Pucci, and even some Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Thakoon, Missoni and Oscar de la Renta. Before I knew it, my cart was overflowing.

I narrowed down my choices to about 10 really great items, so I could at least manage to carry them into the dressing room. When all was said and done, I paired together a gorgeous ensemble — a Jason Wu red lace blouse and slim cut Celine tuxedo pants. This is my first “real” Jason Wu purchase (Target doesn’t really count) and also my first Celine garment. I must say, Phoebe Philo knows how to cut pants well! They make me look very tall and slim.

These are both gorgeous, classic pieces that will live in my closet for years to come.



Super weekend

I’m not really that excited about the Super Bowl this year, although I AM thrilled the Packers aren’t playing in it. Haha. But it’s still going to be a very busy Sunday. I have to wake up super early (thinking maybe 5:30) to check out and attempt to purchase my Jason Wu favorites. Then I’m going to head to the local Target stores when they open…No way I’m going to make the same mistake I made with the Missoni collection. When the Target website crashed and all the orders were lost, I was left scrambling to try to find the items I had purchased online in stores weeks later. I can always return duplicate items if necessary. Plus I always prefer to view the clothes in person and try them on. One thing I am very frustrated with — Target is not releasing the entire collection in their lookbook. I think there will be a few surprise items that might throw off my whole plan. Thankfully my husband Dirk will be helping me shop. No way I could handle this madness alone.

Aside from the Wu craziness, there is also the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet to look forward to (with the super adorable kitty halftime show). Plus we can start drinking Dirk’s first home-brewed beers this weekend. We tasted the first bottle last night, and it’s really good!


Wu for Target

Less than eight days to wait now for the Jason Wu collection at Target. I’ll definitely be waiting at the door for my local store(s) to open at 8 am on February 5. Hopefully everyone will be distracted by the Super Bowl and stocking up on chips and taco dip, leaving the good stuff for me.

I actually met Jason Wu once at a kitchen design show in Chicago. He was well-mannered and impeccably dressed. I think this collection is a perfect reflection of his personality and style. And of course I love the whimsical kitty theme that is woven throughout the collection.