Narciso at Kohls

Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl’s

The Narciso Rodriguez collection for Kohl’s debuted this week, in stores and online. I was curious, so I headed over to Southridge Mall during my lunch break today. The store had a decent number of pieces. Several dresses, some tops and sweaters, plus the tuxedo pants and a couple of skirts. I was a bit underwhelmed — the materials weren’t that nice, and the styles weren’t that eye catching in person. Pretty much what I expected. After trying on several pieces, I decided to only purchase the turtleneck sweaterdress. I think it is sophisticated and stylish, it will keep me warm, and I can wear it to work. Sold! As an added bonus, the collection was 30% off today and I earned $10 Kohl’s cash to spend later. I’m going to keep an eye out to see if any of these items make it down to the clearance racks. Based on my impressions today (no one at the mall even seemed to notice the line), I’d say this is pretty likely.

Published by Lori Vanover

Writer, digital editor and content manager

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