Margiela purchase

Hitched up dress for HM

I’ve been sick lately with a nasty cold, so I haven’t felt up to posting on here. But I need to share my recent closet addition! My trip to Chicago the day after the Margiela for H&M launch was not in vain. Most of the collection was actually still available — it appeared to me that the only things that sold out were the candy wrapper clutch and the duvet coat, and maybe some shoes. I tried on most of the items that interested me. I gave up after 20 minutes of trying to arrange the horizontal dress properly. I was tempted by the mirrored leggings, but they aren’t my style. And I had those fantastic brown leather boots in my hand but I couldn’t justify the $400 price tag.

I decided to behave myself and only buy one piece. It came down to a choice between the darted sweater and the hitched up dress. It really wasn’t a tough decision. I love the dress. It’s sexy, avant-garde and AMAZING. I can’t wait to wear it. Holiday party, maybe?

Today I read rumors that the next H&M collaboration might be with Givenchy. Um, can I get in line now?

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